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360 Degree Slimming machine for SPA,Beauty Salon

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JIAHUA
Model Number:OEM

Product kind: Weight loss machine
Technology parameter
The scope of RF frequency: 8-45.67MHz
The area of curing head: 7.5cm2
Output of Max peak
Energy less than: Less than 300J/cm2 (T=1S)
Input power: Less than 500
Operation panel: Digital press key
Size: 112× 46× 46(mm)
Size of outpacking: 123× 64× 65(mm)
Packing material: Wooden case
Weight: 46kg
Voltage: 100V–240V
Power frequency: 50Hz–60Hz
Power: 60W

The probe of fat-dissolving of 360 degree energy weight loss Machine is a 21 century latest noninvasive fat-dissolving high technology. It is a Nuclear magnetic, can stimulate into deep fat cell. The nuclear magnetic can bring a strong knock-on effect when it enter into human body and friction motion among fat cell. So that it can consume thermal efficiently and water content of cell, in this case, the fat cell will be shortened. Fouthermore, the nuclear magnetic shocking can bring strong shock.

That can make cell explode instantly. Fat cell decrease so that can bring use of weight loss and beauty body.

360 degree energy weight loss Machine RF fat-dissolving probe use is a bio-electricity which affect tissue molecule. Under the use of the machine, it can bring bio-electricity, Stimulate the dermal layer of collagen fibers repair the old and injured skin rapid elimination of fat, waist buttocks and legs of Shaping. Meaningwhile, the bioenergy can enhance fast partly blood circulation, bringing dissolving of fatty acid and death of cell, so it can result in dissolving fat and slimming body.

Three technology of 360 degree energy weight loss Instrument:
1. RF heating technology: Strong RF energy, the energy exchange 4 million every second can make the fat layer temperature high instantly up to 60degree so that make the fat explosive.
2. Strong sound drainage technology: The 3 billion focus strong sound can make explosive releasing fat acid layer shock violently, surface layer fat is drained with lymph.
3. Medium slow mix technology: With medium slow mix technology, the fat dissolved can be transformed into CO2 and H2O, being dispelled out of body, so it is safe, green and with no side effect.

360 degree energy weightloss Machine features:
No surgery, no invade, no blooding, no-invasive painless, short time, Time soon bear fruit

1. Expelling of toxin, promote blood circulation;
2. Body shaping, accumulate metabolism
3. Repair partly, remove deep fat
4. Big and small SMD to different body position weight loss
5. Partly weight loss can meet four persons’simultaneous use.
6. Far infrared physical therapy( eg: Cramp, arthritis and so on)
7. Can do 2 persons weight loss full body at least, can do 2 abdomens, 8 persons partly;
8. Can operation simultaneously, and can not affect the face treatment. Eg: Weight loss, breast and physical therapy can do simultaneously.
9. Weight loss by the computer, safe and green, no side effect
10. Weight loss and slimming waist can effect extemporely, can tighten skin, adjust incretion, improve astriction, improve sleeping and so on.
11. The 15 modes and 95 strength regulation is the domestic exclusive patent technology at present.
12. Special fat passive mode directional weight loss—waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs, buttocks fat, weight lossing where it should be lost, weight lossing it should meet the lost weight.
13. Beauty&preserving one’s health: The combination therapy for traditional Chinese medical science and modern technology can make you relaxed weight loss meaningwhile adjust human blood.
14. Beauty effective—keep skin elasticity without relax
15. No toxin and no side effect—with healthy and scientific way, you can feel physical blooming and energitic.
16. It can improve efficiently the related symtom caused by fatness, whelk, chloasma, gynecological inflammation and arthritis, strain of lumbar muscles.

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