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Amblance Portable Patient Monitor

Type:First-Aid Devices
Model Number:600MP
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Screen:12.1 inch TFT


  • 8.4" high resolution anti-glare real color TFT display.(10.4/12.1 inch are optional)
  • Digital SpO2 technology with better performances of anti-electrosurgical interference, anti-motion and anti-low infusion.
  • OxyCGR is available to display the heart beat rate, respiration and spo2 simultaneously, trend display , multi-lead ECG display.
  • Monitoring the status of other patients at the same time.
  • Arrhythmia and S-T segment analysis.
  • 96 hours’ graphic trend of all parameters.
  • Automatic Oscillometric measurement for blood pressure.
  • Three-level Audible and visible alarm , apnea alarm.
  • Calculation function of drug concentration, drug titration.
  • Can be connected to wired or wireless network or to a combined network supporting both wired and wireless connection.
  • Flexible mounting solutions.

Standard parameters: ECG,RESP,NIBP,SpO2,PR,TEMP
Optional: IBP, CO2, drug concentration, titration, hemodynamic, C.O., dual-channel thermal printer, built-in rechargeable battery

Security standard
IEC 60601-1(GB9706.1)
Physical specification
Dimension: 146 mm (W) X 240 mm (D) X 250 mm(H)
Weight: 4kg
8.4" color TFT display
It is optional to have another screen connected for dual-displaying

Measuring range: adult   0~300bpm
                             neonate and pediatric   0~350bpm
Band width: 0.05Hz~100Hz
Accuracy: ±1%
Lead selection: standard I,II,III; augmented limb lead aVR, aVL, aVF;Chest lead V1~V6
Resolution: 1 bpm
Trend monitoring time: no less than 96 hours
ST-Segment analysis: -2.0 mV ~2.0mV; auto
Arrhythmia analysis: 20 kinds of Arrhythmia analysis
Scanning speed: 12.5, 25, 50mm/Second
Gain selection: x1/2, x1, x2; auto
Protection: Withstand 4000 VAC/ 50Hz voltage
Resistant to the interference from high-frequency electrotome, myoelectricity, power grid, defibriation
ECG cable & lead wire: suitable for adults, pediatric and neonates
Alarm: the maximum and minimum values can be set freely according to your need which will be stored by system automatically.

Method: Automatic Oscillometric
Operation Model: manual, automatic, continuous (5 minutes)
Measuring Unit: mmHg /kPa selectable
Measurement types: Systolic pressure, Diastolic pressure, Mean pressure, Pulse rate
Measuring Range: adult    10~270mmHg
                             pediatric   10~200mmHg
                             neonate   10-135mmHg
Cuff pressure range: 0~320mmHg
Cuff type: adult cuff (standard)
                 pediatric and neonatal cuff (optional)
Cuff inflation time: < 10 seconds
Cuff deflation time: <20 seconds  
Alarm: the maximum and minimum value can be set freely according to your need which will be stored by system automatically.
Measuring range: 0~ 50 oC ( 32~122oF  )
Probe Type: body temperature probe (standard)
                    esophageal temperature probe and Rectal Temperature probe
Resolution: 0.1oC
Accuracy: ±0.1oC (without probe) 
Alarm: the maximum and minimum value can be set freely according to your need which will be stored by system automatically.
Display: SpO2 value display, PR chart display and PR waveform display
SpO2  measuring range: 0~100% for adults, pediatrics and neonates
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: ±1% ( 70%~100%)
                ±2% (0%~69%)
PR measuring range: 0~255 bpm
PR accuracy: ±1 bpm
Sensor Type: adult finger clip SpO2 sensor (standard)
                      pediatric finger clip SpO2 sensor and neonatal wrap SpO2 sensor (optional) 

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