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CS-3202 cart Full Digital Ultrasonography Machines

Type:Ultrasonic Transducer
Model Number:3202
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland), China (Mainland)

Mobile  CHANGSHAN3202 ultrasound 

Product Description

Scanning Mode: Convex,Micro Convex& Linear Array

Display mode: B, B/B, B+M, M

Amplification ratio: x 0.8, x 1.0, x 1.2, x 1.5, x 1.8, x 2.0

Pre-processing: variable aperture, dynamic change tracks, dynamic filtering

Post-processing:8Gammacorrectioncurves, 16 Pseudo-color processing, frame correlation, etc.

Measurement:distance,area/perimeter,angle,heart,rate,time,gestational age(BPD,GS,CRL,FL,AC), pre-production phase 
Information display: date, age, case number, sex 
Image polarity: up/down, and left/right, white/black reversal
Image storagerealtime 256 frames recycle 

 Frequency 2.5MHz/ 3.0MHz/ 3.5MHz/ 4.0MH  


Body mark: 16

Probe: 3.5MHZ, R60

Grey scale: 256

Detecting Depth: ≥180mm

Dead Zone : ≤4mm

Standard configuration: Main unit, 3.5 MHz convex Probe

Options: 6.5MHz trans-vaginal probe, 7.5MHz high frequency probe,

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Ultrasonic Diagnostic System

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