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Digital breast disease Therapy Equipment /mammary treatment Device

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JIAHUA
Model Number:JH-4000B




Breast Therapy Equipment /women health/mammary therapy device


Based on TCM channel theory, traditional and modern therapy, this instrument combines simulative microcomputer control, infrared heat radiation, electric pulse stimulation with magnetic therapy and leading-in of medication ion. Thus, these functions can simultaneously and interactively take effect. With double-controlled circuit, independent out-put channel, humanized design of probe and conductive rubber, which is made by green materials under SGS standard, being in direct contact with body, this instrument takes care of patients thoroughly and makes the treatment more comfortable.



Therapeutic mechanism:


Intelligent biologic wave: incretion will get balanced by the feedback from pituitary gland. Thus, it thoroughly resolves the cause of mastotic. Meanwhile, OLS(morphine-like peptides)  is released to achieve analgesic effect instantly.


Near-infrared light: for the purpose of swelling reduction and pain alleviation, this instrument penetrates through more than four centimeters to the part and makes blood circulation faster, improves metabolism of local organs and speeds up the absorption and excretion of diseased region.


Magnetic therapy: it reduces swelling and alleviates pain. The cell activity will be adjusted.


Ion leading-in: the therapeutic effect will be increased and comfort level will be lifted.




Clinical effect: it promotes blood circulation by removing blood stasis, softens caked mass of diseased region, diminishes inflammation and adjusts balance of body hormone.




Scope of application:


It not only has special effect on women’s mastotic, mastodynia, galactoma and hyperplasia of mammary glands, but also on mammary gland fibroma.


It also plays an active role on the therapy of women’s other mastotic diseases, promotion of lactation and alleviation of galactostasis, in addition to the use of skin beauty and muscle massage.


Effect on the following diseases can also be shown: lumbar muscle strain, hemiplegy, neural paralysis, strain, periarthritis of shoulder, inflammation of a joint and lumbocrural pain.




Basic parameters:
Seven kinds of therapeutic waves: A-model wave, B-model wave, C-model wave, D-model wave, E-model wave, F-model wave, G-model wave.


3.1 Output frequency of the instrument is 156Hz~2500Hz
3.2 The minimum output voltage between the electrodes is: ≤40Vp-p
3.3 Adjustment range of therapy period is: 1~99min
3.4 Input power is: ≤30VA
3.5 Temperature of the infrared heat radiation is: ≤41°C. The eighteen gear-shifting is adjustable.


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