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Digital Video colposcopy system colposcope for OB/GY OEM ODM

Properties:Obstetrics & Gynecology Equipments
Type:Digital electronic colposcope
Brand Name:JIAHUA
Model Number:JH-5004&5003
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
name:digital electronic colposcope
Video output:AV/S-V ,connectable with TV and monitor
pixels:800 thousands
display:19 inch LCD monitor
second monitor:8 inch TFT
bracket:0-360° rotatable
light source:cold type



Trolley Digital Electronic Colposcope CHANGSHAN5004


Trolley Digital Electronic Colposcope CHANGSHAN5003


Product Description:

CHANGSHAN5000 series Digital Electronic Colposcope is a new Instrument for  gynecological  exams,

 surpassing  the  optical colposcope.


  Vaginalitis, cervical ectropio, cervicitis, especially in the examination and early diagnosis of uterus cancer.






· Imported high-definition digital color Sony 1/4 CCD. Illumination: 0.02lux (Minimum ), Pixels: ≥800,000.



· Light Source:Multi-points ring LED,White,green light source with filter.shadowless, 100, 000 hours longevity.



· Image Magnification:1-220 (Optical ≥22X, Eelectronical ≥10X), image freeze, filter technique.



· AGC, AWB way internal automatically measuring light, brightness auto adjustment and electronic shock-proof 



   function, dynamic balance of focusing around.



· Quick focus CCD technique makes the clinical examination, observing, operating more conveniently.



· Image Card: Supper-speed Video capture card,Support PAL,NTSC,S_VIDEO.



· Quick focus CCD technique makes the clinical examination, observing.






Product Features:
· High resolution digital color SONY 1/4 CCD,  Pixels: ≥800,000, Illumination: 0.02lux (Minimum ), (higher pixels 



   camera are optional).
· Light Source: Multi-points ring LED, White, green light source with filter.shadowless, 100, 000 hours longevity.



· Image Magnification:1-220 (Optical ≥22X, Eelectronical ≥10X), image freeze, filter technique.



· AGC, AWB way internal automatically measuring light, brightness auto adjustment and electronic shock-proof 



   function, dynamic balance of focusing around.
· Ultra-high frequency intensity cold light source in loop shape, even, bright and shadowless.
· Video output: AV/S-V, connectable with TV and monitor.
· Images can be displayed, captured, stored, and printed in real-time.
· Step free continuous zoom and focus, electronic green filter removes red image without light loss.
· Perform side by side comparison of colposcope images from existed database.
· Capable of databasing fore mangaging patient demograghics, administrate with doctor’s ID Compose, print clinical report with 



   integrated images and relevant annotations and doctor’s diagnosis.



· Quick focus CCD technique makes the clinical examination, observing, operating more conveniently.



· Image Card: Supper-speed Video capture card,Support PAL,NTSC,S_VIDEO.




Basic Configuration:
High configuration computer, Double monitors: 19 inch LCD disply, 8 inch TFT disply,metal Bracket,

0-360° rotatable monitor arm support and camera support, Footswitch, Handle Control, Remote Control.

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