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Digital Warm Stage for microscope/Portable slide warm

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JIAHUA
Model Number:JH-mw

Microscope Warm Stage

sample heating & hot stages 

Heated Microscope Stage

Temperature Controller with Warming Plate

Microscope stage warmer

Microscope Temperature Control Stage Slide Warmer

Stage Warmers Slide Warmers

Digital Stage Warmer



Ensures more accurate and more reliable thermal control  of the specimens during the observation under a microscope.

 Wide product range supports Biotechnology Science and Industry.

JIAHUA warm stages are found in cell biology labs, hospitals and IVF clinics all over the world
and provide a simple, low cost solution for an accurate, temperature controlled platform from ambient to 50°C. The warm stages are mounted directly on top of the microscope stage and are suitable for most microscopes.
Our warm stage is ideally suited to maintain stable specimen temperatures while examining or analyzing sperm motility and velocity or other live biological specimens under a microscope. It is adaptable to all brands of biological compound and stereo microscopes.

Features & Specifications :
Convenient installation for any standard microscope stage
LED digital display
Power input: 220V/50HZ(or 110V/60HZ ), AC
Power output: 50W
Temperature range: 0º C to 50º C (0º C to 99º C is optional)
Temperature setting increments: 1º C
Temperature display divisions: 0.1º C
Various between setting and displaying temperature: less than +/-1º C


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