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Dual Laser Tens Instrument

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:NXT
Model Number:OEM

Dual Laser Tens Instrument 
Fully Automatic Treatment at Home

– Laser Therapy
– Ear Acupoint Automatic Therapy
– Low-Frequency Pulse Therapy 


Laser Therapeutic principle
Our semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument has been developed base on modern laser medicine and clinical practice. It adopts low-level laser with the wavelength of 650nm,through specific parts of irradiation and using light radiation of laser and wavelength relation to change the biological characteristics and peel off the fat layer and cholesterol wrapped in the red blood cells, to improve the activity and oxygen carrying capacity as well as the deformability of cells, reduce the concentration of middle molecules in the blood, improve hem rheological properties and lower triglycerides and cholesterol, in order to effectively treat and prevent heart and brain diseases. 
Pulse channel
1. Stimulating circulatory system, also good for slimming 
2. Good for muscle growth, reduce pain from muscle and nerve 
3. Eliminating fatigue 
4. Function of massage, e.g. lymphatic massage 
5. Improve blood circulation and promote metabolism 
6. Help to relieve symptomatic intractable pain 
7. No any side-effects to ease pain by physical therapy 

Laser channel 
Laser irradiate the nasal and the wrist

1) Improving blood viscosity through laser blood irradiation 
2) Improving blood oxygen carrying capacity through laser blood irradiation 
3) Reducing blood-fat and total cholesterol through laser blood irradiation 
4) Quickly and effectively correct the abnormity of lipid metabolism and maintain the equilibrium level of the lipid metabolism in the human body through laser blood irradiation. 
5) Improving the partial blood circulation around the nasal cavities and the immunological competence of the nasal mucosa membranes through irradiation the nasal mucosa 
6) Therapeutic efficacy control on ischemic cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. 

Main applying scope
Rheumatoid arthritis, muscle aging, stiff neck, tenosynovitis numb hands and feet, periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylopathy, stain of lumbar muscles, Hyperviscosity, hyperlipemia, hypertension, diabetes, ischemic heart and cerebral vascular disease caused by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Besides, it’s also has good curative on the rhintis, allergic, allergic rhinitis, chronic, sinusitis and nasal polyps. 

1. LCD demonstration. 
2. Dual independent channels, one for laser,the other for pulse. Laser channel has 3 degree to adjust, Pulse channels has five models of massage,eg. Tapping, Kneading, Rolling, Pinching, Complex 
3. Can set the timing according to your need. 
4. Can use batteries or plug to work. 

Technical Parameter:
Output pulse frequency: Within 3HZ-2000HZ 
Output Voltage: 0-50Vp-p 
If used battery, the working range: 4-5V 
Laser output: 1~5mw 

Packing Details
Packing way: colour box, outside carton 
Box Size/Gross weight: 25*20*5cm 0.5kg 
Carton size/Gross weight: 55*44*51cm 21kgs 
Packing quantity: 40 sets/Carton, 9,000 sets/20"container 

Package photo & basic fitting
Two-pin wire x 1 piece 
Laser electrode x 1 piece 
Laser holder x 1 piece (optional)
Ear electrode x 3 pairs 
Electrode pads x 1 pair 
Plug x 1 piece 
Colour box x 1 box 
Manual x 1 copy 

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