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full digital ultrasound diagnose system with CW and PW function

Type:Doppler Ultrasound Equipment
Brand Name:JIAHUA
Model Number:JH-970
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)




CHANGSHAN970 Color  Ultrasound







2.1 Performance Parameters
2.1.1 Probe parameters
Electronic Convex Probe C3501:
Nominal frequency 3.5MHz, applicable to examination of abdomen, OB,
GYN, Urology, etc.
Electronic Linear probe: L7501:
Nominal frequency 7.5MHz, applicable to examination of small parts
Electronic Endocavity probe E6501:
Nominal frequency 6.5MHz, applicable to transvaginal, transrectal relevant
Electronic phased array probe P2501:
Nominal frequency 2.5MHz, applicable to cardiology examination.
Electronic micro convex probe: M2501:
Nominal frequency 3.5MHz, applicable to cardiology examination.
2.1.2 Probe connector
Probe connector: 3
2.1.3 Output devices supported
USB mobile storage, digital printers, analog video printers
2.1.4 Monitor
15” or 17” high resolution LCD monitor, up/down tilt, left/right rotation
2.1.5 Dimension
Main unit plus monitor: 135cm (Height) 46cm (Width) 92mm (Length)
2.1.6 Weight(without optional accessories)
Main unit plus monitor: 68kg
2.1.7 Power supply
Please strictly follow the requirements in ”1.4 Power supply”.
2.1.8 Imaging mode
B, 4B, B/M, M (Extended M) , Anatomic M, CFM, CDE, PW, B/PW, Extended
D, dual images, BW/Color dual image real-time imaging mode.
2.1.9 Screen layout
256 gray scales
Image rotation: left and right, up and down, 90°Rotation
Depth range: depending on probe type
Transmitting focus:
Multi-focuses (The number of focuses is depending on probe type and
scanning depth)
Receiving focus: Continuous dynamic focusing and dynamic aperture
Dynamic range: Adjustable
Real-time dynamic zoom: Panning zoom adjustable
M-mode sweep speed: Adjustable
Change of display angle: Adjustable (only for convex probe)
TGC curve display available
Black and white inversion available
Video output: Support NTSC/ PAL
2.1.10 System setup
Language: English, French, Chinese, Spanish and Japaness
Date format: yyyy-mm-dd, mm-dd-yyyy or dd-mm-yyyy
Time format: 24-hour system
Screen saver available
Body mark: approximately 95 types
Printer setup: Video printer, Laser printer
Automatic freeze available
Foot switch available
Image storing format: JPEG, BMP
Applications preset: for B, CFM or PW mode, 15 preset applications
(including 5 user-defined applications) are available
Annotations preset: 10 annotations available for each application (Max. 15
characters for each annotation)
OB table, GA setup: Set up body parts and method of obstetrics
measurement, review GA table and fetus growth table, create user-defined
GA table and fetus growth table.
System update available
Maintenance tools available
2.1.11 Image pre-processing
Gain: Adjustable
TGC: 8 TGC levers
Acoustic power: Adjustable
Gray scale: Multilevel adjustable
2.1.12 Image processing
Edge enhancement: Multilevel adjustable
Frame average: Multilevel adjustable
Line average: Multilevel adjustable
Focus Optimization: Multilevel adjustable
Gray Restrain: Multilevel adjustable
Gamma correction: Multilevel adjustable
Contrast: Adjustable
Brightness: Adjustable
2.1.13 Measurement and calculation
B mode routine measurement:
Distance, circumference, area, volume, angle, ratio, stenosis rate.
M mode routine measurement: Heart rate, time, distance, speed, ratio, etc..
Gynecology measurement: Uterus, cervix, endometrium, ovary, follicular.
Obstetrics measurement:
EGA, ETD, fetal weight estimation, AFI index, OB report (including OB
tables) .
Cardiology measurement: LV measurement.
Urology measurement:
Prostate volume, displacement volume, bladder capacity, residual urine
PW measurements: Time, speed, Heart Rate, RI, PI, etc.
Other measurement:Slice volume measurement, hip joint angle
2.1.14 Storage
Image storage, video storage, cine loop, disk storage capacity≥80G
2.1.15 Patient data
Medical record management, report inquiry and printing, image video output
(HDD, DVD-RW, USB) , built-in ultrasound workstation.
2.1.16 Marks
Character mark, body mark, arrow mark
2.1.17 Biopsy guide line
Probe corresponding biopsy-guide setting is available.
2.2 System Configuration
Main unit
Electronic convex C3501: 2-6MHz, nominal frequency 3.5 MHz, applicable
in abdominal,
gynecological, obstetric and urinary examination
Electronic linear array probe: L7501, nominal frequency 7.5 MHz.
Electronic endocavity probe: E6501, nominal frequency 6.5MHz.
Phased array probe: P2501, nominal frequency 2.5MHz.
Electronic micro convex probe: M2501, nominal frequency 3.5MHz.
Patient data management software
THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging) software
HDD capacity: 160G
Standard USB interface: USB2.0, 2 ports
B/W video printer, color video printer
Dicom 3.0 transmission: namely Digital Imaging Communications in
Medicine, a protocol by which images and other information on different
medical equipment communicate with each other.
Probe Cable Hanger 1
Instruction Manual CD 1
Power Cord 1
Fuse 3
Print Paper Holder 1

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Ultrasonic Diagnostic System

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