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High performance sperm analyzer CS-6004 sperm quality analysis system

Type:Genes & Life Science Equipments
Brand Name:JIAHUA
Model Number:JH-6004
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)




CHANGSHAN6004 Computer Assistes Semen Quality Analyzer



Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) is magnifies semen samples through microscope,
then puts the microscope image into computer through electronic picture pick-up system, and after
that carries out detection and analysis of automatic quality-and-quality-determination of the sperm
density, activity, motility rate, and characteristics of movement locus.
This system is especially applicable for clinical semen detection and can highly increase the
standard of clinical detection. It can be widely used in urological department, and
riatrics, department of obstetrics and gynecology (test tube baby), birth control and the research of
healthy birth and sound care. It can also be applied in some specialized fields, such as biologic
research institute, research institute of endangered animal and rare animal, research institute of
artificial propagation of livestock, and artificial insemination station, etc. compare with the
tradition methods of analysis, this system has a fast speed, a sound quantification, a high accuracy
and an abundant detection parameter data, therefore it can provide objective detection foundation
for clinic and scientific research. In addition, it has the features as follow:
Being easily operated, causing little pollution and having a high degree of intelligence, ect


Main Functions:
• Sperm’ average speed of curvilinear motion
• Sperm’ average point-to-point speed
• Sperm’ average speed of route motion
• Velocity distribution of the sperms

• Detecting the total number of motile sperms
• Percentage of sperm’ density
• Fraction surviving of the sperms
• Side-sway amplitude of sperms
• Sperms’ oscillation
• Sperms’ forwardness
• Sperms’ linear quality
• Whipping frequency of sperms’ motion
• Sperms’ average parallel-motion angle
• Number of detected sperms
• Percentage of deformity
• Listing of the speed of detected sperms
• Detecting dilution degree
• Detecting viscosity
• Being able to objectively display and print primary motion path graph of sperms
• Being able to automatically mark out the direction of sperm motion
• Being able to independently diagnose and process pathologic images
• Smell
• Color
• PH value
• Being able to independently carry out semen analysis of livestock and endangered animal, and
artificial insemination


System configuration:
Computer with 14Inch LCD display 1set:
CCD camera 1 set:
Microscope Binocular 1 set
Microscope analysis software 1 piece
Video acquisition card 1 piece
Sperm thermostat 1set
Sperm analysis slide 1set
User’s manual 1 piece
Sperm analysis knowledge (Issued by World Health Organization)





FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a manufacturer that specialized in providing a full package of hospital equipment, clinic equipment, 

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All of our products have ISO9001-2000, CMD Medical Device Quality Management Systems certificate, CMD 

National Medical Devices Certification, CCC Compulsory Certification of China, National Radiation Safety 

certificate, etc. We can provide the CE certificate for some of our medical products. Our medical products are 

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4. Whats the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

For most of our medical products, even order for only one unit is warmly welcomed and all customers are 

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5.      Whats your packing method?

All of our medical products are based on standard packing method to ensure good protection during 

transportation. We can also do packaging according to customers specific requirements, and any additional 

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6. How do we pay for you?

We accept T/T, Western Union and Paypal for all of our medical products order payment. Please visit our Products 

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7. Whats your delivery time?

This depends on the quantities of your order and models. In general, it takes about 5 to 15 days after receiving 

your payment. We combine shipping for multi-item purchases whenever it is possible to save buyers’ shipping 



8. How long is your warranty period?

Our products are manufactured under the strict guidelines established by ISO 9001: 2000 Standards. All items 

come with at least a 1-year warranty. We carry all of the full-coverage warranty services.


9. How long is the quotation valid for?Generally, our price is valid within one month from the date quoted. We 

reserve the right to adjust the price appropriately according to the price fluctuation of raw material and changes

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10. Why should we buy from you?

First, we are the supplier of the medical equipment and we carry the warranty directly.

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