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High Quality Microwave Diathermy Treatment Unit

Properties:Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JH
Model Number:WB-3200B(JH-6001)
Type:Microwave therapy equipment
name:microwave therapy equipment
power:external power supply
application 1:E.N.T department
application 2:Obstertric department
application 3:Anus intestines department
application 4:Skin department
application 5:Physical therapy
application 6:Chirurgery
radiator:Special esoteric radiators

Microwave Therapy Equipment




Microwave diathermy, which employs a form of electromagnetic radiation, is another deep heat modality that selectively heats tissues with high water concentration.

Hyperemiasedation, and analgesia are the physiologic effects, similar to the results of shortwave diathermy. Secondary, local vascular dilatation results in increased local metabolism.

The  frequencie designated for microwave diathermy is 2450 MHz, with the former being the most commonly used. Because the frequencies are higher than those used in shortwave diathermy and the wavelengths are the same size as the applicator, microwave diathermy can be focused more easily than can shortwave diathermy.

The lower frequency is preferred because it provides selective heat deep into muscle, and less energy is converted to heat in the subcutaneous fat. Direct contact applicators with full aperture skin contact are optimal for improved coupling and for reducing stray radiation.

Because microwave diathermy selectively heats muscles and deep heat improves the flexibility of collagen tissues, muscle contractures can be treated with this modality (in combination with a physical therapy stretching program).

Microwave diathermy can also be used to reduce secondary muscle spasm under a trigger point. In addition, this modality can effectively treat the superficial joints of the hands, feet, and wrist because of the thin soft-tissue layer overlying these joints.

A microwave director is used to aim the microwaves at the area of treatment, allowing observation of the treatment site. Heat can be reduced by increasing the distance of the microwave director from the treatment site.

The microwave diathermy equipment should be adjusted to provide comfortable heating, with treatment time ranging from 20-30 minutes.


Technical Parameters:


Supply Voltage               AC220V±22V
Operating Frequency          50Hz±1Hz
Fuse Protector                3A  250V
Microwave Frequency          2450MHz±50MHz
Input Power                  ≤800VA
Timing Control    Treatment: 0~99 seconds is adjustable, 1 second interval
                 Physiotherapy: 0~30 minutes is adjustable, 1 second interval




Digestive Dept:rapid hemostasis for stomach and intestines, gastrointestinal polypi igniting and eliminating, gastritis, diminish inflammation of enteritis
Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology Dept:polyp remove, nasal cavity hemostasia
Anus-intestines Dept:Rectal polyp and colonic polyp igniting and eliminating, mixed hemorrhoids igniting and cutting, diminish inflammation
Gynecology Dept:cervical polyp remove, cervicitis, coleitis, pelvic inflammation treatment
Urological Dept:anti-inflammation
Surgical Dept:arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, mastitis, tenosynovitis, twisted contusion, strain, infection, skin disease treatment




1. Multi-functions including: intraluminal and extraluminal physiotherapy, treatment and surgery
2. Modular design, adopt imported original microwave transmitting tube, service life is more than 30,000 hours
3. Able of memorizing and storing data, displaying work status automatically, operating simply
4. It has a series of radiator to cooperate with, which allow the equipment serves several purposes, optimize the treatment function



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