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Home use Prostate Gland Recovery Treatment Device -cheap and effective

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:PULAIPS
Model Number:P-31
prostate:Therapeutic apparatus for prostate disease
Andriatrics:HOSPITAL USE/Home USE

 Prostate Gland Recovery Treatment Device

– High Frequency Electronic Impulse –

Health Benefits
1. Prostatitis 
2. Prostate Gland Proliferation 
3. Aseptic Prostatitis 
4. Frequent Micturition 
5. Urgency of Urination 
6. Urine Endless 

Brief Description 
prostate treatment
1. Acupuncture prostate is a heat plaster. 
2. Apply to the adjuvant treatment of men’s prostate problem 
3. Automatic time control: 20 minutes(+-5) 

1. This product can produce about 3000-6000 small vibrations per minute. These vibrations can eliminate abnormal lymph tissue, promote blood circulation, reduce weariness and build up resistance.

2. You must select acupuncture by applying on the affected pain area when using. It can heal transient pains such as backaches, tendon inflammation and similar disorders by sticking it directly on the affected area. The reaction is a numb tingling sensation radiating outwards with pain alleviating effect.

3. The electric pulse stimulation can improve blood circulation, eliminate fatigue and reduce stress. You’ll enjoy this professional health therapy. 

Function Of Plaster 
1. Effectively transforming the low-frequency modulation pulses and small vibrations directly to acupuncture points or pain points. 

2. It plays an important role of Shoaling Electronic Acupuncture Apparatus, using it can deeply conduct the medical composition, strengthen 

Technological Parameter
Product size: 4*5.8*1.3cm
N.W.: 18g
G.W.: 74g
Packing size: 19.3*15.5* 3cm
Carton size: 49.5*44*42cm
GW.(KGS/cnt): 9kg
Packing quantity: 84pcs/container
Product size: Ellipse 65* 45*15mm( +-5%)
Products weight: some20g   power supplier:  3V bottom battery (CR2025)
Automatic time: 20minutes 
Wave repeated: 2~40Hz (+-15%)
Function: 8 intensive adjust, 32kind of change
Pulse width: 400us ( +-20%)


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