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In vivo cervical imaging with an integrated optical coherence tomography colposcope

Properties:Obstetrics & Gynecology Equipments
Brand Name:JIAHUA
Model Number:JH-5006
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
name:digital electronic and optical colposcope
display:double screen
type:integrated machine
composition:digital electronic and optical colposcope
observation angle:45°
magnification steps:5 rates
total magnification:2.9X-21.7X
lamp:21V 150W halogen lamp(or LED)
working distance:215mm & 265mm

Digital Electronic and Optical Colposcope CHANGSHAN5006



    +CHANGSHAN5006 is a precise instrument designed for the examination and diagnosing of gynecology.

Because of the optic magnification of the instrument, subtle lesions that can ‘t be seen by naked eyes

can be observed clearly in the camera and screen. This instrument has clear images, wide field of

vision, even illumination, adjustable brightness, convenient operation etc.

    +All models can be transformed into video colposcopes with our high resolution video camera

Digital handling of patients and file images can be obtained through the colposcope software.

    +Great and accurate quality images, improved clearness, resolution and field depth can be obtained

 through our Microscopic optic system. 

    +With its pantographic arm, the instrument has a superior maneuverability, as the arms are mounted on 

bearings, and guarantee smooth movements and greater stability. Its state-of-the-art designed base,

allows for easy transport.
    +With a complete video system assembled the optical head, enables simultaneous observation – 

binoculars and LCD monitor. Image on the screen (Computer and monitor) is equal to the image 

observed by the professional.

    +Functions of recording, im age capturing and printing.

    +Easy to handle and cost-wise.

Colposscope Parameters:

+Observation angle: 45° tilted.

+Magnification of eyepiece: 16X.

+Focal length of objective: F=230mm & F=280mm.

+Magnification changer: 5-step: 0.4X, 0.66X, 1X, 1.5X, 2.5X.

  (continuous with no limit Magnification is optional).

+Total Magnification: 2.9X-21.7X.

+Working distance: 215mm & 265mm.

+Linear field: 11mm-84mm.

+Fine focusing distance: 20mm.

+Beam Splitter: 50:50 Beamsplitter.

+Illumination: Coaxial illumination with cold light source fiber-optic cable, brightness adjustable.

+Lamp: 21V150W halogen lamp.(LED Optional)

+Filter: Build-in green & blue filter.

+Demonstrator is optional.

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