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Properties:Microsurgery Equipments
Brand Name:JIAHUA
Model Number:JH-7000
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Mammary:Infrared Mammary Diagnostic Instrument
Breast:Breast Diagnostic Instrument


1.OEM work.Trolley and Laptop model

2.PC workstation high image quality.

3 Supply at any time.

Detailed Product Description

The mammary Gland is an important organ of human beings especially for women in form, function and


The mammary Gland is an important organ of human beings especially for women in form, function and
physiology. And there are also many diseases related to mammary glands. Mammary cancer is one of the common
malignant tumors for women. The incidence rate of mammary cancer is growing continually with the
environmental change, which seriously threatens the health of many women. According to the recent 30 years
clinical treatment experience in China, the death rate of the mammary cancer never lowers down with the change
of treatment method. On the contrary, it shows a growing trend. The main reason is that most of the patients are in
their middle and later stage of the mammary cancer and the treatment fails most because of cancer transference
with the blood flowing. Therefore, the early discovery of the mammary cancer and in time treatment is the
important and effective way to improve the cure rate of the mammary cancer.
Near infrared diagnostic technique of the breast tumor stemmed from the mammography in the 1920s.
Because of the low-level science and technology condition, the apparatus was very simple and doctors had to
observe with naked eyes. Therefore the specificity and sensitivity of the diagnosis was rather low. With
development of science and technology and further understanding of breast tumor, people improve the specificity
and sensitivity of light transmission photography. People at first only used yellow light to pass through the human
body, and then analyzed and studied the waveform of different types of light, especially the shielding effect of
human skin and found the characteristics of the red light and infrared light of specific wavelength when it passes
through the human body. This discovery therefore set the foundation of the technique of “Near infrared diagnostic
technique of the breast tumor” together with the advanced infrared camera system and the computer image
processing system.

The Infrared Mammary Diagnosis Apparatus of our company uses the probe to emit the infrared rays to pass
through the mammary glands. According to the different absorbing extent of the near infrared of the haemoglobin
in the parenchyma of human body, the camera will take pictures of the piercing image and show clear mammary
gland image on the screen after computerized image processing so to provide credible scientific reference for the
doctors to diagnose various benign or malignant diseases of mammary glands in the early stage.

Requirements for infrared radiation process
The luminance of the probe should be adjusted according to the size of mamma. The probe is usually put under the
mamma closely pressing the skin. Keep a constant pressure and radiate in three directions: up, out, and middle
without leaking the light. Note: Choose the suitable luminance of the infrared light. Gray shadows and fine
changes in the focus are likely to be omitted when the light is too bright while the image appears unclear, less
layered and hard to study the situation of the focus when the light is too dim
A desirable image should show the entire mamma over the full screen including the mammilla and areola
mammae. The image should be of high quality clearly showing different layers and the situation of lumps and the
surrounding blood vessels. Specifically:

1. It can show clearly the condition of the focus
2. It can reflect the direction and characteristics of blood vessels
3. It has to include the mammilla and the outline of the whole mamma if possible
Such requirements are helpful for deciding the position of the focus and also helpful for examining the fine
changes gained through special processes such as comparison and enhancement.
Probe scan should be combined with palpation: Palpation can help make sure which part should be focused on
carefully in the examination in case some would be overlooked when there are many patients. And it can also
detect lumps at the outline of the mamma and help improve image quality through changing the radiation direction
and angle of the camera.


Mamma comparison: Gray scale values and the condition of blood vessels are generally similar at both
mammas of a healthy woman given the same radiation light. The abnormal mamma usually has lower grayscale
values than the healthy one and at the same time has more blood vessels in a massy situation.
The condition of blood vessels must be considered together with lumps. Since healthy galactophores may have
breaking blood vessels, only breaking blood vessels in lumps are indicating for diagnosis.
Infrared radiation checkup is not suitable during lactation for the mamma is filled with latex and the image
gained is totally black. It is also suggested not to take checkup right before or during menses or pregnancy,
because at this time the mamma is congested and rich in dilated blood vessels, which is likely to confuse.
For the patient who has gone through surgery and now has the local lump again, the image tends to indicate
malignant even though it is benign. Diagnosis must be made through overall consideration.
Like other way of examinations, the method of infrared image should be assisted with clinic diagnosis to make
the decision. But sometimes this method has the advantage over the clinic diagnosis. In cases like “mammary
cancer” considered by clinic diagnosis, but not supported by the infrared image, it turns out that infrared image is
correct which is proved by the result of surgery.

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