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Laboratory biochemistry analyzer

Type:Biochemical Analysis System
Brand Name:jiahua
Model Number:JH-2018g
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Display: 240 x 128 LCD display, touch screen operation,

Printer: External inkjet printers or Built-in thermal printer




Biochemistry analyzer




  Technical Specifications
1) Display: 240 × 128 LCD display, touch screen operation,
2) Printer: External inkjet printers or Built-in thermal printer
3) Cuvette: 32ul/1cm titanium / quartz movement colorimetric cell;
4) Light source: 20W/12V quartz halogen tungsten lamp;
5) wavelength range (nm) :300-800; Detection range: -0.100 ~ 3.500;
6) Output Resolution (A): 0.001;
7) detection temperature (°C): 25,30,37;
8) configured filter: 340,405,492,510,546,578,600, 630, a total of 8 wavelengths (up
to 9 filters configuration);
9) Weight: 9 kg
10) Dimensions: 450mm×305 mm×185 mm
Technical requirements
1) The filter center wavelength accuracy: ± 2, half-width 8nm± 1 (340nm half-width
10nm ± 1)
2) Stray light: with sodium nitrite standard solution was measured at a wavelength of
340 nm, the absorbance of not less than 2.3A (equivalent to the stray light ≤ 0.5%.)
3) The absorbance of linear: absorbance range of 0.000 to 0.500 when the bias of ±
3.0%, absorbance in the range ≥ 0.500 ~ 2.000 when the bias of ± 1.0%;
4) Repeatability: instrument measuring the absorbance coefficient of variation of
repeated CV ≤ 0.5%;
5) Stability: Instrument stability of absorbance ≤ 0.005A/20min;
6) Temperature accuracy: test solution temperature is 37 °C, 30 °C, 25 °C, the
accuracy is ± 0.1 °C, fluctuations in value of less than 0.3 °C
7) cross contamination: the instrument cross-contamination rate of ≤ 0.5%.
Main Functions
1) Operation display: equipment used in English operating system;
2) self-examination: Power On Self Test function instrument has, boot the system if it
detects a fault, will be displayed on the LCD screen prompts the user;
3) Select the filter: Test items filter required by the instrument automatically selects
the settings according to the procedure;
4) Input method: input through the membrane keyboard;
5) Input function: to enter the case letters and numbers;
6) examines the project settings: Can set, save and query parameters of 100 test
items ,Call for future detection
7)Detection Method: Equipment can be a light absorption, the end method, dynamic
method, two-point method, the standard curve method, the control factor method
and tube method of detection
8) storage test results: up to 200 test results stored
9)Means of communication: with RS-232 communication port, It can communicate
with the company’s special software
10) Injection mode: A single injection






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