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Medical maternal/ fetal monitor

Brand Name:JIAHUA
Model Number:800A
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Place Of Origin:CHINA


FHR(Fetal Heart Rate), TOCO(Uterine Contraction)and

FM (Fetal Movement)

¬5.6" TFT high resolution display

¬Beautiful appearance and easy to operate

¬12- crystal broad beam waterproof ultrasound transducer

¬FHR(Fetal Heart Rate), TOCO(Uterine Contraction)and

FM (Fetal Movement)

¬Twins Capability

¬Automatic fetal movement detection

¬Signals Overlap Verification

¬High Sensitivity (1 Mhz)

¬Compatible with wired or wireless network.

¬Optional Built-in battery can last more than 4 hours




Dimension 329D×243W×84H(mm)

Weight: 4.5 Kgs(with battery)


5.6" TFT high resolution display


Real- time FHR calculation

Difference : ±1%

Time delay : ≤ 2 seconds

Measuring Method: ultrasonic Doppler

Measuring Range: 30~ 240 bpm

Accuracy: ±1 bpm

Ultrasonic frequency: 2. 0MHz

Ultrasonic mode: pulse wave

Ultrasonic output intensity : ≤2mW/ cm²

Transducer type: 12-crystal plum blossom shaped waterproof transducer


Measuring method: External measurement

Curve range: 0~100

Zero Mode: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30

Fetal movement recording

Manual / automatic


Recording Paper: 112mm×90mm(15m length)

Printing speed: 1/ 2/ 3cm/min selectable

Timer function, manual operation function

Standard configuration:

FH probe (fetal heart rate probe) 1 pc

TOCO probe ( uterine contraction probe) 1pc

FM pen (fetal movement pen) 1pc

Probe belt 3 pcs

Print paper 1 roll

Power cable 1 pc

Optional functions:


Twins function

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Patient Monitoring System

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