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medical ozone O3 therapy equipment

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Jiahua
Model Number:JH-203
application:gynecological disease therapy
effects:ozonated water and liquid medicine
power:external power supply
voltage:220V or 110V

Gynecological Ozone Theraphy Machine CHANGSHAN203


Medical ozone therapy instrument is an integral device which integrates

ozonated water filled with ozone and traditional liquid medicine washing

in one machine. It can treat with one of these methods separately or

synthetically according to different diseases, meanwhile, the ozone sterilizes

the device itself, which is convenient to the operators.


Principle of work:

Gynecological ozone therapy equipment works taking advantage of some

special physical and chemical properties of ozone, including:

Anti-inflammatory effect, Oxidation, Supply oxygen to tissues, Analgesic

effect, .

Synthesizing principles of electronics, microbiology and physiology and 

pathology etc, according to the pathological characteristics of gynecological 

diseases, ozone therapy equipment resolves certain gas in the air to active 

ingredients of high concentration ozone,plasma etc, which can kill vegetative 

bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi (killing rate up to 99.9%), meanwhile promote

growth of new healthy cells. According to different causes of diseases and applications, 

the equipment will resolve out ozone of different concentration and purify air to 

disinfectant. It displays the functions and run-time on the screen.


Scope of application:

 This equipment is applicable to the treatment of the following diseases:

+Vaginitis and various complications caused by vaginitis.

+Cervicitis, .

+Obviously improve the symptoms of pain, dragging sensation,

  leucorrhea increase caused by chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

+Daily care and conventional health of tractus genitalis.






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