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Microwave Diathermy Therapy Unit/Microwave Diathermy therapy machine

Type:Microwave Therapy Equipments
Brand Name:JIAHUA
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland), Jiangxi, China (Mainland)

Microwave is a therapeutic instrument integrated with heat and no-heat effects. The microwave has a strong passing through character and will improve the metabolite of cells in the deep tissues to accelerate the blood circulation to raise the activeness of enzymes, to reduce the nerves stimulation and to enhance the immunity. Therefore, it can function to dephlogisticate and to relieve pains. The therapy generates no side effects orpains(not over use). The instrument is easy to operate and can provide obvious results.

 Microwave  therapy

Range of application
E.N.Hdepartment: coryza, polyp, nosepiece hypertrophy, nosebleed, pharyngitis, pharynx back lymph
follicle, laryngitis, vocal cords polypi, amygdalae swell, etc.
Obstertric department: uterus neck debaucjed, polypi, eczema, colpitis, galactophore hyperplasia, ect.
Anus intestines department: inside hemorrhoids, outside hemorrhoids, mix hemorrhoids, anus crack,
anus polypi, etc.
Skin department: ordinary verruca, flat verruca, spiculate verruca, underarm odour, dermatitis, chilblain,
Physical therapy: arthritis, shoulder inflammation, strain and contuse, strain of lumbar muscles, etc.
Chirurgery: prostatitis, cyst, angioma, phlebitis, operate cut infect,etc.



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