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Microwave Diathermy Unit /Microwave Diathermy manufacturer

Properties:Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JH
Model Number:WB-3200B
Type:Microwave therapy equipment
name:microwave therapy equipment
power:external power supply
application 1:E.N.T department
application 2:Obstertric department
application 3:Anus intestines department
application 4:Skin department
application 5:Physical therapy
application 6:Chirurgery
radiator:Special esoteric radiators


1.microwave therapy equipment,


3.good seller and supply at any time,

4.easy operation,

5.good effects.

Microwave Therapy Equipment

Range of application:
E.N.T department: coryza, polyp, nosepiece hypertrophy, nosebleed,

pharyngitis, pharynx back lymph follicle, laryngitis, vocal cords polypi,

amygdalae swell, etc.
Obstertric department: uterus neck debaucjed, polypi, eczema, colpitis,

galactophore hyperplasia, etc.
Anus intestines department: inside hemorrhoids, outside hemorrhoids,

mix hemorrhoids, anus crack, anus polypi, etc.
Skin department: ordinary verruca, flat verruca, spiculate verruca,

underarm odour, dermatitis, chilblain, etc.
Physical therapy: arthritis, shoulder inflammation, strain and contuse,

strain of lumbar muscles, etc.
Chirurgery: prostatitis, cyst, angioma, phlebitis, operate cut infect, etc.

Main Characteristics:
1. The first choice comprehensive treatment instrument for for clinics and    

2. Special esoteric radiators and operators, non accretive.
3. A new technology to replace electrocautery, cold frozen and laser operation.
4. Easy operation, no carbonized tissue generated, hemostasis quickly,

     no sputtering, the wound recovers good.
5. Suitable for all levels of hospital and clinics.

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