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Optical Binocular Colposcope/Gynaecology Colposcope /Optical Colposcope

Type:Visual Acuity Examination Apparatus
Brand Name:OEM
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Model Number:YDJ II


GYNAECOLOGY OPTICAL COLPOSCOPE:the essential instruments for gynecologic examination.

YDJ V Series Colposcopes are precise optical instruments designed specially for the gynecologic examination and diagnosis. Due to the magnification of the instrument, the pathological changes in the vagina, which is impossibly viewed with naked eyes, can be clearly seen with the instrument. Therefore, the correctness of a diagnosis is enhanced significantly. YDJ V Series Colposcopes are featured for sharp image, wide field of view, uniform illumination, adjustable brightness and easy operation. They are the essential instruments for gynecologic examination.


YDJ V-3 Colposcope:
Observation angle: 45°tilted(with 45°adapter)
Magnification of observation: 6X
Focal length of objective: F=200mm & 300mm
Magnification changer: 3-step: 0.6X, 1X, 1.6X
Total Magnification: 3X-12X
Fine focusing distance: 20mm
Illumination: Coaxial illumination with cold light source fiber-optic cable, brightness adjustable
Lamp: 21V150W halogen lamp
Filter: Green filter
Beamsplitter, TV adapter and demonstrator are optional
With upright stand

Table of Specification for YDJ V Series Colposcope:                                                                                                                                   






Observation angle


45º tilted

45º tilted(with 45 º adapter)

Magnification of observation

6 X

Focal length of objective

F=200mm &300mm

Working distance

185mm & 285mm

Magnification changer  

3-step magnification change: 0.6X, 1X, 1.6X

Total magnification


Linear field


Fine focusing distance


Illumination system

Coaxial illumination with cold light source fiber-optic cable, 21V150W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable


Green Filter

Fiber-optic cable

Length: 1300mm 


Column height adjustable fitted on the round base with 3 jaws

Beamsplitter, TV adapter and demonstrator are optional

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