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prostate problemes treatment instrument

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)



prostate problems,prostatitis,BPH

prostate problemes treatment instrument


Main unit + 1 probe+1 static magnetic plate


1.Power Supply  220V±22%

2.Input Power  ≤35VA

3.Insulation resistance≥ 10M

4.Electrical breakdown tension  1500V/1min

5.Treatment time adjustment 20-80min
6.Temperature control  arrange  38ºC – 47 ºC, accuracy ≤±1.5ºC
7.Probe magnetic field ≥ 150mT
8.Magnetic field of static magnetic plate≥120mT

9.Time Starting Overcurrent protection≤1S
10.Far infrared wavelength 8 – 15µm

11.Central magnetic field>250mT

12. Vibration frequency Level I 1000r/min   Level II 1200r/min




Product Description

The 1022 series of multi-effects prostate therapeutic apparatus was invented by experts in medicine, electronics and biology fields after two years hard research. Its performance has been proven by a mass of clinical data, as well as successful experiences from domestic and abroad. It starts a new era of prostate disease therapy without hurt and pain. It is mainly used to cure the male prostatitis, BPH and vesiculitis. It is categorized as the second-class national medical treatment instrument. The clinical efficacy rate is up to 98%, without any side-effects and no adverse reaction or pain. It received high praises from numerous famous urological experts and clinical staffs, and produced excellent social and economic benefits. Proven by the detection of the State Food and Drug Administration as well as the proofs of clinical practices, this instrument is far more efficient than shortwave treatment instrument, microwave with introduction of other medicines and any other singular physiotherapy. It has been approved by large numbers of users and patients on a national scale. This instrument integrated multi-function treatments into one, such as: far infrared wave, thermotherapy, magnetic, therapies, and so on. The hardware is reliable and stable, and the software is user-friendly and convenient to be upgraded.

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