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Prostate therapeutic instrument/BPH therapy device

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:jiahua
Model Number:JH-6003B


 Mult-effects prostate treatment instrument



1.Power Supply: 220V±22%

2.Input Power : ≤35VA (without computer)

3.Insulation resistance≥ 10M

4.Electrical breakdown tension: 1500V/1min

5.Treatment time adjustment: 20-80min

6.Temperature control: arrange: 38ºC – 47 ºC, accuracy ≤±1.5ºC

7.Probe magnetic field: ≥ 150mT

8.Magnetic field of static magnetic plate≥120mT

9.Time Starting Overcurrent protection≤1S

10.Far infrared wavelength: 8 – 15µm

11.Central magnetic field>250mT

12. Vibration frequency Level I:1000r/min Level II:1200r/min

Standard Configuration:

Main unit + 2 probes+2 static magnetic plates



2.Computer system to form workstation: 1 set

3.Specialized management software for workstation

4.Color jet printer






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