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Prostate Treatment Equipment for Hospital/BPH therapy Unit

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JIAHUA
Model Number:1022B


prostate treatment device

Andriatrics/urology medical equipment/andrology equipment

Prostate treatment

Its performance has been proven by a mass of clinical data, as well as successful
experiences from domestic and abroad. It starts a new era of prostate disease therapy
without hurt and pain. It is mainly used to cure the male prostatitis, BPH and
vesiculitis . It is categorized as the second-class national medical treatment instrument.
The clinical efficacy rate is up to 98%, without any side-effects and no adverse
reaction or pain. It received high praises from numerous famous urological experts
and clinical staffs , and produced excellent social and economic benefits. Proven by
the detection of the State Food and Drug Administration as well as the proofs of
clinical practices, this instrument is far more efficient than shortwave treatment
instrument, microwave with introduction of other medicines and any other singular
physiotherapy. It has been approved by large numbers of users and patients on a
national scale. This instrument integrated multi-function treatments into one, such as:
far infrared wave, thermotherapy, magnetic, vibration therapies, and so on. The
hardware is reliable and stable, and the software is user-friendly and convenient to be
Product Characteristics
o Application in outpatient department
o Treatment for one patient only or two patients at the same time.
o No need for anaesthesia and hospitalization, patients can leave right after
Temperature adjustment
o Portable and handy operation.
Upgradable software and hardware systems


Therapeutic Mechanism:

The series of Multi-Effect Prostatitis therapeutic apparatus are state patented devices and have been popular among patients. 

Combining the therapeutic effects of far infrared thermotherapy, magnetic therapy and massaging vibration,Multi-Effect Prostatitis Treatment Device is highly effective in treating prostate diseases. Its treatment probe can send out heat energy in the form of far infrared light which heats the focus of disease at a selectable temperature between 38-47°C to improve the microcirculation and relive pain. The magnetic plate on the body and vibrating probe at prostate area produces magnetic field which can help the relief of inflammation. And the vibration of the probe at 100-120Hz frequency can massage prostate area to increase local blood microcirculation and recovery of normal tissues.

The direct effect of vibrating probe on the prostate area can stimulate local sympathetic nerve and enhance vessel dilation and local blood circulation. 

Infrared light produces a mild stimulation to nerve ending which has an apparent pain relieving effect. Meanwhile the heating effect further enhances vessel dilation and blood circulation which in turn improves local nutrition, decreases tension between muscle and connective tissue, and relives spasm and pain as well. 

Studies show that magnets can be an effective therapy for the relief of pain by blocking pain sensations. Applying magnetic fields to an injured area improves blood flow and oxygen to enhance the body’s natural healing process. The improved blood flow and fluid exchange to the injured tissue helps reduce pain and inflammation. 

Vibration Massage helps reduce the tension in prostate and improve local blood circulation. 

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