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RF Beauty Machine /RF Radio Frequency Facial Machine

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:JIAHUA
Model Number:OEM

Technology parameters:
Voltage: 220VAC/
RF frequency: 0.6-8MHz
RF energy: 0J~100J
Probe work model: Intermittence and succession
Probe temperature: ≤ 10degree(based on the condition of refrigeration open)
Input Power: 200W(Max)
Size of machine: 113× 43× 43(cm)
Size of outerpacking: 124× 62× 58(mm)
Packing material: Wooden case
Weight: 50kg

Product Feature

Ice Radio Slimming Beauty Instrument characters:

1. Safe and noninvasive: No incursion, no surgical slimming, no anaesthesia when operation, no recovery for the skin, and no affection to the curer’s daily work and rest.

Effective: The experiment prove that it can stimulate the collagen protein rebirth truly and effectively, have the result of tightening and curing the wrinkle. The degree of satisfaction of illness highly up to 94%.

No size effect: No laser, no size effect such as back to black.

2. The characters of Ice Radio Slimming Beauty Instrument:


Laser, pulsed light is liked although presently, it can not deep into the tissue deep layer, can not accumulate enough heating energy so that cause the tissue stretch effective. So the radio Slimming instrument can have the better function of skin rejuvenation and compact than pulsed light. Not like the laser which can cause back to black after operation, and the Ice Radio Slimming Beauty Instrument can even cure the person whose skin color is dark.

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