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Self-Exam Mini Colposcope for home sue /self-exam Mini colposcope

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:F2

Detailed Product Description


Performing cervical self-examination at home,
Discover earlier , healthy more .
Monitor treatment and prevent recurrence

1.1 Applicable users

This product is strictly used for women who had the experience of sexual intercourse,

and for patients with gynecological diseases to do vaginal examination (self-exam) only.



The AAA battery (×3) should be installed correctly according to anode-cathode (If

common batteries are used as substitutes, the device may not work normally).

This product should be kept in a well ventilated place.

This product is strictly used for women who had the experience of sexual intercourse,

and for patients with gynecological

1.3 Checking before using

(1) Body

(3) Television(or Monitor)

(2) The Disposable Vaginal Speculum

1.3 Checking before using


a. The cleaning cover is completely covered without loosening or damage.

b. The Focus Lever works normally (lens moves for observation).

c. The batteries are installed correctly..

d Batteries are good..

(2) The Disposable Vaginal Speculum

a. The package is complete and non-damaged.

b. The surfaces of both blades are smooth and non-attached.

c .No broken or cracked evidence.

d. The product is valid before the expiry date.

(3) Television(or Monitor)

Make sure it has AV Input.



2.1 Composition of the Product

This product is composed of a camera and a

disposable vaginal speculum. The two parts are

connectedthrough a special joint structure.

4.1 Items in the package include


AV video cable

USB data cable

AAA battery (×3)

User guide(with the warranty card)

Product certification

One size S and one size M of the disposable vaginal speculum

6-1 Cleaning cover

(1) Sterilize the cleaning cover with 75% medical alcohols, or wash

it with soap solution and then dry it before usage.

(2) Wash it with soap solution thoroughly and dry after usage.

6-2 Body

(1) Wipe it with 75% medical alcohols or sterilization before and after usage

(expect the lens).

(2) Clean it with blowpipe or cotton bud if any dust found.

(3) Store it in a dry and clean environment, avoiding excessive heat or direct sunshine,

and do not let it fall off.

(4) No disassembly by users.

(5) Please remove the batteries if left unused.

6-3 The Disposable Vaginal Speculum

Ensure the product used before the expiry date.


7-1 Sterilize cleaning cover and outer covering of the Body; Inspect the lens clean or not;

7-2 Use the video cable to connect the body with TV.

7-3 Turn on the TV with the video input mode.

7-4 Turn on the Body,make sure it works properly and images shown on TV.

7-5 Open the package of the disposable vaginal speculum from the “open” mark

(Note: don’t take out the disposable vaginal speculum).

7-6 Connect back of The Disposable Vaginal Speculum with the Body.

7-7 Wash hands with soap.

7-8 Clean the vulva.

7-9 Take off the package and Lubricate blades of the disposable piece for ready.

7-10Choose a stable place such as a couch or a bed , which is about 1.5~2.5 meters away from

TV (or video monitor) to perform self exam. Bend your knees, with your feet wide apart

and lie back on the pillow (about 30° angle). Relax yourself as possible as you can. Hold

the product in one hand with the blades closed. Insert the speculum gently into your vagina

with the blades at a tilt 45° angle, experiment to find the most comfortable position (try

again if it hurts),

7-11 Once the Product is inserted, rotate the blades

horizontally. Hold the toothed structure till the Body

is locked in place. Open the blades and experiment to

find the cervix by monitoring the images on

TV(Please refer to picture 2). Keep pushing down the

outside section of the blades until you see the whole

cervix (usually on grade 3), and stop pushing if you

have strong sense of pain.

7-12 Adjust the position and direction of the blades slowly

and turn the focus lever to adjust image sharpness.

(Please refer to picture 3)

7-13 Press the Fixed Image Button to see thefreeze-frame


7-14 After examining, press the toothed structure gently to

close the blades, then turn off the power and remove

the disposable vaginal speculum.



l        Main unit

Power Supply

DC 4.5V, AAA batteries (×3)

Output Signal

PAL color system, AV(video)signal

Normal Working Conditions

temperature  15°C— 3 0°C




pressure 700hPa—1060hPa

Conditions of Storage and Transport

temperature – 20°C~+ 45 °C


humidity 90%RH


pressure 700hPa—1060hPa


about 50g (batteries non-included)  

Dimensions (L×W×H mm)


Safety Class

internal battery BF

Technical Index

effective range of observation

70mm~ 100mm


angle of observation

20°, permit error -10%,no upper limit



2.5 lp/mm, permit error -10%,no upper limit


l        Disposable head






Outline Dimension

Length (movable bill)



Size S is for female before childbirth or age above 50s

Size M is for female after childbirth and age below 50s.

Width (of the bill)



Height of Front Outside Mouth







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